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We make it easy for you with our truly customized 4-week meal plans and a simple 2-step process that will take you just a few minutes.



What can I expect from a Custom Meal Plan?


Hi! Michael here from Morellifit Nutrition and I wanted to talk to you for a minute about your nutrition and goals.

Are you eating the right foods, for your specific body type, so you can hit your goals?

Or are you struggling, changing things constantly but still not getting where you want to?

See the difference between guessing and knowing exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. We give you all of those calculations, so that you don’t need to worry about the numbers, except how much weight you want to lose or muscle you want to gain!

We will take all of the foods you love to eat, and pair it with specific portions for your body and goals. Then you just eat the foods you want to, and hit your goals with no stress.

What’s all included with a Custom Meal Plan?

Included in your Custom Meal Plan:

  • 4 week Custom Meal Plan – four full weeks of carb cycling meal ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner on a schedule already done for you.
  • Nutrition Prescription Guide – guide to eating, drinking, and macros with a complete breakdown of all of the questions we most often receive about nutrition all in one place.
  • Macro List and Grocery Guide – complete list of macros of the foods we recommend and a grocery store check list for shopping week to week.
  • Coaches Support – for you the whole time you’re on your meal plan.
  • Variety and changing meals
  • Choose the foods you want to eat – complete like and dislike survey to tell us what you want to eat, and what you prefer not to.
  • Available to print out, save to your computer or access on your phone

Here are a few of the reasons you will love our Custom Meal Plans!

  • One month of tailored nutrition moving you rapidly towards your goals without you having to worry or waste time guessing what you need to get you there.
  • Nutrition Prescription guide walks you through the essentials of your diet and easy to follow steps for cleaning it up
  • The macro and grocery guide make swapping and changing foods as you please easy, as well as creates straight forward guides of what you should be eating.
  • You’ll have support through the who program so if you have questions, you can reach out and get answers you need from the coach that made your plan.
  • With many, many meal options, you won’t get bored eating the same thing every day.
  • You pick what you want and tell us what you’re not going to eat. We put foods that make you happy on your plan and never force you to eat foods you don’t. You can guarantee you’ll be eating meals you like with ingredients you enjoy.
  • With so many options for how to use your meal plan, you can bring it with you and pull it up on you computer at home, or on your phone when you’re out on the go. You’ll never be without access to your meal plan.

REAL Life Changing Transformations…

You Don’t Have to Believe Me.  Just Look at What Our Community Has to Say…

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is my Meal Plan?

Our Meal Plans are designed to give you three options of meals every single day! This gives your more flexibility day to day, and gives you a variety of meals to choose from. All of these can be switched up and interchanged at any time for the month. This allows you to eat a variety of food, and using the guides you can easily substitute in other foods to try new things or incorporate new recipes. The possibilities with the resources we provide are endless. By eating the foods you like, and being able to change out foods for variety, we make it easy to stay on the plan and enjoy it! If you are eating the foods you love, it won’t even feel like you’re on the traditional dreaded “diet.”

Q: I don’t have a huge budget; can I still use this meal plan?

Yes! You can follow this meal plan on any budget. There are so many options for affordable foods at your market, don’t be fooled by people telling you eating healthy is expensive. Options like organic canned goods, frozen vegetables and staples like rice and potatoes are affordable and fit into any budget. Plus, with the meal plan, seeing every meal helps you see exactly what you need prevents overbuying, and will save you from buying too much and help you save money. Plus, in our Supplemental Guide we provide tips on bulk shopping and cooking options that can save you money.

Q: What age do I have to be in order to purchase a custom meal plan?

You must be 18 years or older.

Q: I am on a tight schedule and can’t cook everyday. Will this still work for me?

Yes! We come across people who don’t have two hours a day to cook all of their meals. We are some of those people! The beauty of meal planning is that you can bulk cook 2 times a week and do very little prepping in between to have your meals ready to go. Tupperware and good planning can save you time and keep you on track. And if you are ever on the run, we have a section of the guide to help you survive popular restaurants and still stay on track with your meal plan.

Q: Is this meal plan available to people anywhere in the world?

Of Course! We create meal plans for people in hundreds of different countries all over the world. We make the meal plan so that you can use spices and seasonings from your part of the world and make it fit into your individual taste.

Q: This seems like a lot of money. What makes it worth it?

This meal plan works! It is not just a few recipes to help you maybe lose some weight. Our meal plans help get you out of the vicious cycle of broken diets and bad advice. You get to rest easy knowing we do all of the hard work of figuring out what your specific needs are to be successful. We create this meal plan especially for you, and we have helped over 25,000 people with goals like yours be successful. We have helped people lose weight, gain muscle and improve their health. And we will do that for you too. Plus, we give you the tools to not only get started, but to continue being successful from here on out. The resources educate you so you can get the most out of this meal plan.

Q: What happens if I have problems with my meal plan?

With this service, we stand behind the work we do and will make sure that you are satisfied with the plan. Setting you up for success is our priority. We have a big team to help you get started and using the 48 hours of immediate support, you can be assured that we can provide you with the assets you need to be successful on your meal plan.
Q: How do I contact customer service?

You can reach me or someone on my team anytime by emailing



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