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I know it might be hard to believe, but the answer is Whey concentrate protein powder

I couldn't believe it, either. After teaching more than one million men and women how to get fit and eat right, I felt like an "expert." Until I discovered one of my most trusted supplements was poisoning me from the inside out...

I'm Michael Morelli, founder of MorelliFit. I've become famous for calling supplement companies out for their low quality ingredients. I became fed up with my clients taking low quality BCAAs... farm sourced Fish Oils... and even Green Powders made from dried, old veggies. So I made my own.

Yet, even after all these years, I thought I could trust my protein powder. Until I discovered my whey protein "supplement" was even less nutritious than a Krispy Kreme donut:


You know some supplement companies use low quality ingredients. But what can go wrong with simple whey protein?

Scientists from Sweden were hell bent on finding out:

They gave the most common form of whey protein powder - whey concentrate - to their diabetic patients. They gave it to them morning, noon and night. And the scientists expected their students to see the benefits protein powders are famous for:

  • Gains in lean muscle mass...
  • Reduced appetite...
  • Increased metabolism...

... At the very least, our Swedish scientists expected to see their subjects lose a little weight.

But they didn't see that. Instead, they saw something shocking...

The Swedish scientists discovered whey concentrate didn't help their patients at breakfast or at dinner. Instead, it acted a lot like common TABLE SUGAR! They noted this "healthy" whey protein supplement increased the glycemic load on their patients in the same way as a Krispy Kreme donut!

And this was supposed to be a nutritious supplement!

When I discovered this study, I threw away my whey protein powder. I knew why I had been feeling bloated... why I had been feeling tired... why I had been craving carbs... it was all because my PROTEIN POWDER was spiking my blood sugar like a Krispy Kreme donut!

So I build a better protein powder...

I spent 18 months and more than $200,000.00 of my own money to produce the perfect protein powder.

That's when I created Primal Body

Rosanne Rocca

Harrisburg, PA

For almost a year, I followed Michael Morelli on Instagram. I would ignore his posts as I was infatuated with the glitz and glamour of other Instagram fitness coaches.

The summer of 2015 was very difficult for me, and I entered a very dark place. On August 25, 2015, I was scrolling through Instagram, and for the first time, stopped on a post from Michael. I signed up for his 100k Challenge. I will never forget this day and always refer to it as “the day my life was saved.

Bryan Gordon

Union City, In

Around September of 2014 I found Morellifit on YouTube and then on Instagram. I wanted to lose weight and was looking for some ideas on what to do when I was at the gym. His bio said he started kind of like I am. I was over weight and having a very hard time with things.

He taught us that exercise alone wouldn't be enough, that we had to eat right. I'm a 46 year old truck driver and dont have a lot of options for food out on the road so I make my meals at home. I learned to meal prep and the weight fell off... I've lost a total of 76 pound to date since following Michael.


Graz, Austria

I must say I'm following Michael since day 1. I even can remember when his first youtube video came out. He was so nervous, but exactly because of this nervousness I found him sympathetic and honest. I did the ab workout he showed us in the video and I felt a burn that I've never felt before.

I scrolled through instagram the next day and found his page. I downloaded his free program immediately in order to give him the chance to convice me. The program worked and this was the point where I decided to trust him forever.

I've tried so many programs and diets before, but nothing worked for me until this point.

I'm proud to be a part of "morellismovement".

To create primal body protein powder


The whey concentrate is the reason why protein powder spikes your blood sugar.
So I threw it away.

Instead, I chose the highest quality whey protein source possible. Something called whey protein ISOLATE.

Whey protein isolate is more bioavailable than whey cocentrate: It's a 159 on the bio availability index. This is a big deal, especially when whole, natural proteins like eggs, beef and cow's milk all score less than 100 points.

Because of this, whey isolate doesn't cause gas, doesn't cause bloating and is the best whey protein for digestive health… building lean muscle mass, boosting your metabolism and burning off stubborn fat.

(After all, whey protein can do NONE of these things if it doesn't find it's way into your blood stream.)


In my research, I discovered the best whey protein isolate comes from grass fed cows. I also discovered the best grass fed whey comes from cows in New Zealand.

Why New Zealand? Well, New Zealand is the most advanced dairy producer in the world. They have strict guidelines on grass feeding that most other countries don't have. They have stricter rules, so they have healthier cows and the healthier cows produce purer whey.

That's why every container of Primal Body Whey Isolate is flown in from New Zealand. Where cows graze on wild grass beneath beautiful mountain landscapes.


Once we identified the best possible protein source, I knew we had to continue this commitment to excellence in all our ingredients.

For example, no matter how good a protein powder is, nobody likes drinking a protein shake that tastes like stale powdered milk. But even worse is drinking a healthy whey protein shake that's been flavored with sugar!

That's why, I flavor Primal Body with the best tasting, all natural, completely whole food ingredients:

We use shavings from a cacao bean...

Real vanilla…

In fact, we don't let a single artificial flavoring NEAR our protein powder...

(Which is important because - believe it or not - some FDA approved vanilla flavorings come from a beaver's butt! That's right, Castoreum, a vanilla flavoring, comes from the sacs under a beaver's anus!)

It became my mission to source EVERY INGREDIENT from whole foods and only whole foods. All from as close to nature as possible. In fact… I like to say that if mother nature made a protein powder, this would be it.


Now, lots of protein powders claim they're made of all natural foods, or that they're clean... but Primal Body can PROVE it!

Our ingredients are so pure, so natural, so clean... that when you mix Primal Body to make your protein shake… you don’t even have to stir it!


When you pour "normal" whey protein into a shaker, this is the residue that's left behind

But when you pour Primal Body Protein Powder into water it dissolves instantly!

The gunk that sticks to your shaker in other proteins sticks to your body, too. That can cause allergic reactions.


That's why I sourced these natural ingredients and bought them in bulk:
So I could not only save your health, but also save you time and money!

If you truly want to lose weight... if you truly want to build muscle... if you want to do it in a HEALTHY way that won't spike your blood sugar... then I urge you to give Primal Body Protein Powder a try. Click the button below:

Right now, I'm offering

Primal Body Protein Powder

for only

$59.99 $39.99

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That's $30 LESS than other grass fed whey protein isolate powders! (Even though protein powders have notoriously thin profit margins.)

To get started, simply click the button below and select the flavor which fits you, best:

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