Speed Shred 60 Men


The ULTIMATE 60-day Workout for Men
Strip Fat. Get Results. Turn Heads



Spare yourself the thought of another boring hour of cardio, or one more dull day lifting weights.

There are other things to do. Plus, there’s a better way to get results. Using only your body-weight and a set of dumbbells, SPEED SHRED 60 offers you a dynamic new training protocol that let’s you completely transform your body…in less time.

SPEED SHRED 60 was carefully designed by one of the nation’s leading experts for the guy or gal who’s ready for a newly improved, quicker way to sculpt a better-looking body, get lean, and get results.

Starting with as little as 10 minutes per session, even beginners get great results. And for those who need an intermediate or more advanced workout, you’ll achieve serious results in only 20 to 30 minutes… if, of course, you can get through it!


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