Weights For Women


#WeightsForWomen is The Fastest, Healthiest & Most Successful Body-Shaping/Sculpting, Total Body Fitness Program for Women Only!

8-Week “Gym” Training Program (30 pages)
8-Week “At Home” Training Program (30 pages)
Nutrition Guide (20 pages)
Step-By-Step Exercise Index (28 pages)
Macro List (15 pages)
Grocery Guide



Product Description

If you’re struggling to fit into your skinny jeans.

or Your energy levels have dipped to an all time low.

or Maybe you’ve been training a while but you just need to re-focus and mix up your training routine.

Then this 8-week (60 day) Weights For Women Program is for you.

You see, beginning a weight training program can be intimidating due to misconceptions of what weight training will do to the female body or just a lack of knowledge of where to start.

For many years, women have been told to only do cardio or they will bulk up! NOT TRUE!

But the truth is a good weight training program will raise your EPOC, your metabolism, for over 24 hours after a work out. Weight training burns calories long after your workout stops, and cardio does not do that.

With weight training you can be a fat burning machine.

Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle, or just achieve more energy and well being, this program can help with all of those.

Why This Program Works:

This program utilizes resistance training to improve and build lean muscle, shed body-fat, and amp up your calorie burning ability while improving full body strength.

Look, I hate the health scams, I hate the BS, and I want to do something about it.
My mission in life is to spread the message of healthy eating and living. I’m committed to being an example and I want you to join me.

Click the link to find out more information and to secure your spot on the 8-week Weight’s For Women Program.


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