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X-Cell is a new, groundbreaking supplement, that uses a nucleotide formula containing all five nucleotides, found in DNA and RNA, and combines them with other vitamins to support cellular regeneration. This formula is designed to fuel your DNA and with the addition of key vitamins and amino acids, contributes to cell division. Improve your workouts and physical endurance with this new supplement.

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What else does X-Cell do?

  • Provides better recovery from workouts. X-cell will improve red blood cell regeneration thereby improving oxygen uptake and reducing lactic acid build up. You’ll have better recovery, reduced fatigue and potentially better adaptation to training programs. Get the most out of what your training whether it be get biggest, faster or slimmer.
  • Facilitates the most efficient protein synthesis, therefore helping the development of muscle instead of fat.
  • Facilitates Mucosal (gut lining) repair which enables better absorption of nutrients from food and other supplements. More uptake means more nutrients means more health benefits from your food and supplements. If your spending money on supplements, you better be sure you are absorbing them the best you can.
  • Enables immune cell re-generation to reduce foreign bugs & viruses to prevent infections. Better immunity means less days off with illness. In tests, clients with autoimmune issues saw huge benefits which drastically changed their activity levels and recovery from bouts of illness.
  • Suppresses the build-up of stress hormones, like cortisol, which at high levels will encourage more abdominal fat. This spike in hormones can happen when training at high intensity level. Controlling these hormones is very important for body composition goals.

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