Custom Meal Plan with FREE: Real Mass Program


Buy a Custom Meal Plan and get Real Mass Free

This Special Bundle Includes:

Custom Meal Plans: Know Exactly What to Eat to Build Muscle and Burn Fat… Without Starving Yourself or Suffering Through an Overly Restrictive “Diet”.

Real Mass: How to Pack On up To 10 Pounds of Rock-Hard Muscle In Just Eight Weeks

  • Real Mass Training Guide
  • The Nutrition Prescription
  • Macro & Grocery Guide
  • Exercise Library

$99 FREE With Custom Meal Plan – LIMITED TIME OFFER



Who is this service right for?

Everyone, because each plan is designed custom to the individual. We have people who were in excess of 400lbs, to people who were getting ready for competition and everything in between. Everyone gets results with our plans!

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to hit your goals faster than you ever thought possible. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to lose 80lbs, eliminate a little unwanted belly fat, or put on 10 pounds of lean muscle.

Because your nutrition is now custom and tailored to you the results are fast and endless.

Michael’s approach has been tested in excess of 25,000 times by people all over the world, even in countries with very limited food choices and the common denominator is RESULTS, everyone gets them!


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