The #1 Way to Burn Fat Above All Else


Do you know how we burn most of our calories?

Surprisingly, it’s not through exercise.

It’s not by simply being active day to day.

And it’s not through what we eat. (That includes even if you eat a high-protein diet, which encourages a greater calorie burn.)

Nope, the way we burn most of our calories is through our Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR.


Redefining RMR

So what exactly is RMR?

Essentially, it’s the calories you burn while at rest, but not sleeping.

It might sound crazy – your body actually burns calories and torches fat while you do more or less nothing, but here’s the cool thing – your body is ALWAYS working.

Just think about it – your organs are working, you’re breathing, blood is pumping in and around your body, you’re creating hormones and enzymes – so many things are going on, that your body has to keep on burning calories while you rest.

Even when you sleep you’re burning calories.

In fact, this is so important, that 60 to 70% of the calories you burn every single day come from RMR.

That’s compared to 20 to 30% that come from exercise, and 10 to 15% from digestion (Thermic Effect Of Food).

I explain more in this video –

So now, can you see just how critical RMR is?

But that leaves us with a question:

If RMR plays such a huge role in how many calories we burn, and how quickly and how efficiently we burn body fat, then what can we do to increase this and accelerate our progress?


More Muscle

You know me – I always talk about how having more muscle is critical.

And sometimes, I think people assume that I’m trying to turn them into bodybuilders and strongmen – but I’m not.

The reason why muscle mass matters, is because the more muscle you have, the higher your RMR.

It takes your body more energy (and therefore more calories) to preserve lean muscle mass than it does to preserve fat, which means that if you’re carrying extra muscle, your metabolism is higher, you’re burning calories faster, and you’ll lose fat quicker.


Lose an Extra 7-10 Pounds This Year?

Let’s put some math into the equation here, to look at just how effective more muscle can be when it comes to losing fat.

The average woman, weighing 140 pounds at a height of 5’5 has an RMR of around 1400.

A man, at 180 pounds and 5’10 has an RMR of roughly 1900.

Can you imagine – if you could add a few pounds of muscle and boost your RMR by even just 5%, that could have an enormous impact.

An extra 5% on 1400 means an additional calorie burn of 70 per day for our lady, and 5% of 1900 is an extra 95 calories for the guy.

Over the course of a year, that adds up to 25,550 calories and 34,675 calories respectively.

Or, to put it another way (bearing in mind there are 3,500 calories in 1 pound of fat) – a little more muscle could mean our 140-pound girl could lose over 7 pounds of fat, and for our man – almost 10 pounds.


Muscle Myths

Adding muscle will not make you big and bulky.

The guys you see in the bodybuilding magazine specifically train to get that way.

They have ultra-complex routines, follow mass gain diets, and take a whole host of supplements. Additionally, it’s taken them years, if not decades, to get that big.

All we’re talking about here is adding a little lean mass by way of weight training, circuits, bodyweight moves, and even HIIT work.


The Bottom Line: Build Muscle to Lose Fat

You can do all the cardio you like – as much jogging as fits your heart’s desire.

You can cut your calorie obscenely low and live off salads and grilled chicken breast.

And you might lose a little weight, but eventually, that will slow right down, as your body has no mass to keep your metabolism ticking.

Or, you could focus on building a little muscle, taking your RMR through the roof, burning extra calories every single minute of every single day, and making your fat loss easier for life.

Remember, check out the video for even more tips and advice –