Personalized Training


Maybe the scale isn’t tipping anymore, or you can’t seem to pack on anymore muscle. Maybe you want to increase performance for a specific sport.

Whether you are looking to lose fat and tone up, or pack on lean muscle and get shredded, my programming will prove to be just the asset you need to finally achieve serious progress and turn your fitness goals into a reality.

Did you know?

Without an effective training program you could actually be doing more harm than good. Over-training and over-reaching happen as a result of improper planning, fatigued muscles, and too much stress on the body.

Stagnant results are often a first indicator that you are either over-trained or are not progressively overloading your muscles so they are forced to adapt.

When designing your personalized workout program I not only consider lifestyle factors, but I also take into consideration and design a program around the following:

  1. How much time you have to train on a weekly basis.
  2. The equipment you have at your disposal.
  3. Goals; performance, body composition, or both.
  4. Nutrition; and what your current diet will allow (see my nutrition prescription services).

Effective training protocol and planning lead to injury-free results.Your health is my primary concern, and your results are guaranteed.

Personalized Workout Programs

Before I design your new workout program, please click the “pay now” button. Once payment is completed you will be redirected to a short questionnaire. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible, then be on the lookout for an email from me personally within 24 hours.

p.s. Each training program is done in an individual manner, tailored to your needs, goals, and lifestyle. I correspond by email, in person, or over the phone/Skype (extra costs apply to in- person/Skype consults).

I believe true fitness combines multiple modalities and exposes each of the three energy systems. While I will design the program around your priorities, you can be sure that my approach will be balanced and unlike anything you’ve ever done, and therefore each of your energy systems will get touches.

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