2 Mindset Shifts That Encourage Weight Loss


There are many reasons that prevent people from losing weight, but ultimately, they all boil down to the thoughts that become habitual.

In other words, we need to make a few shifts in our mindset.

Here are the two mindset shifts that encourage weight loss:

Lack of patience v long-term persistence & consistency

In reality, you never really know close you are from achieving your goals.

It doesn’t matter if you want six pack abs, want 10 pounds of muscle, or want to 10 pounds of fat, the same principles apply. Many of us throw in the towel right as we are turning the results corner.

So, be patient and persistent, and remember that anything worthwhile takes time. If your goal is to lose weight, realize that you didn’t gain the excess weight overnight, so you can’t possibly lose it all overnight.

Stay the course, be consistent, and you will see results.

Consensus thinking v advice based on proven results  

Unfortunately, conventional fitness advice has hindered the dreams of many people.

Many people give up on their dream body because they exercise and diet so hard, for weeks or months, without seeing any real results…

I know this feeling first hand. It’s almost a feeling of betrayal (I did everything I was told, and ended up with nothing).

This was me for a long time. I was bouncing around from program to program, doing what I was told by the experts. And I got only minor results.

Conventional wisdom tells you to do a lot of cardio. Right! The treadmill is your best friend.

And…Eat 6 small meals a day, making sure to keep your total calorie consumption as low as possible.

Here’s where reality steps in. It’s simply NOT sustainable.

Sure, if you run for hours and eat like a bird, you’ll lose weight…  But who has the time or means to do that forever?

The reality show, “biggest loser” is a good example. Take a look at the past contestants. The commonality is that many of them have put on plenty of weight since the show.

This is common theme for many people who lose weight. In fact, it’s so common that it has been termed the “yo-yo” effect. Weight comes off – then it goes back on.

A simple mindset shift means you can avoid this weight loss pitfall. Avoid following the conventional advice, and look at health and physique of the person who is offering an opinion. It doesn’t stop there.

Ask yourself, “what do they have to gain by telling me this”? Be cautious and question everything, even the advice you get from me.

Bottom line… I want you to get into a habit of this. Do your own research.

To sum this up…

1. Practice persistence in your life. You can do this everyday, and your ability to persist will grow stronger.

2. Don’t follow conventional fitness advice. Find someone who you can trust in the fitness world. Find someone (or a few people) who provide you with honest information, and walks the talk.

Making these simple shifts in thinking will have a big impact on your results. Remember, it all starts with your thoughts. Don’t under estimate the power of them.