4 Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Training While You’re Pregnant


Pregnant_women_fitnessIf you’re currently expecting and are still motivated to continue with your resistance training, there are a few important things to keep in mind when training during a pregnancy. While moderate training is recommended during pregnancy; its important keep yourself safe for your baby’s sake.

1. Stay Away From Exercises That Require A Prone Position

Make sure that you stay away from any movements that require you to be in the prone position.
This includes but is not limited too; superman’s, bent over rows, push-ups, burpees, and planks.

These types of exercises should be avoided, because these positions can place excess stress on the stomach and baby.

Any type of exercise that involves lying down on your stomach is definitely one you’ll want to avoid.

2. Monitor Your Body Temperature

It’s important to keep track of your body temperature as well. Stay as cool as possible; you don’t want to let your body overheat as this could put your baby at risk for developmental problems.


Be sure to wear cool, breathable clothing during your workouts.  If possible use fans close by to keep you cooler.  Remember; it’s OK to stop if you feel yourself getting excessively warm.

3. Keep Your Heart Rate Lower

Always make sure to train at a sustainable heart rate; it’s even more important during pregnancy. While your heart rate will rise slightly regardless of the type of exercise you’re doing, don’t let it rise to high too fast.

Now is not the time to work on achieving fitness goals – you’ll want to use your resistance training while you’re pregnant to simply maintain your fitness level.  This will ensure a much easier road post pregnancy.

4. Don’t Perform Exercises That Require High Balancing Effort

Lastly, stay conscious of your pregnancy as well as the workouts you are performing while your pregnant. You should avoid doing very complex exercises all together, especially those that require extreme balance throughout the range of motion.

For example, now just isn’t the time for single leg split squats, single leg dead lifts, or single leg anything for that matter. Remember, the purpose of this training is to maintain not to get ready for a triathlon.

While these are all fantastic movements that can really add another dimension to your routine; as your body weight is climbing and your equilibrium slightly off already, you don’t need to engage in more challenging exercises.  Stay balanced and safe, your baby is counting on you.

These simple little tips will help you stay on track during pregnancy and you will be on your way to staying in shape and maintaining both your health as well as your developing baby’s.