5 Foods Celebrities Eat to Look 10 Years Younger



I’m back at Fresh Box, my favorite place in Arizona. If you haven’t checked out Fresh Box yet, I highly suggest you do (enjoyfreshbox.com). I have them deliver my meals every day and I love them!

Once again, I am joined by Brian Johnson, who is here to unleash all of his tools and secrets. Today, we are so excited to talk about the 5 foods that celebrities eat to help them look and feel ten years younger.

Kimchi – How many of you have heard of kimchi? The truth is, your digestion is dramatically important and 85% of your immune system is located in our gut. Probiotics are vastly important to help your immune system and to help your skin stay nice and clean, and nice and young. Kimchi is a form of probiotics that contains ginger, garlic, and fermented vegetables. In fact, the Korean government actually uses kimchi and gives it to its government workers because they know it kills bird flu.Your immune system will thank you if you eat kimchi and so will your digestion. You will notice a difference in the amount of waste you excrete out of your body, which is very important. Less waste means less toxicity and less acidity.

Avocado – This is the second highest detoxifier and is vastly important. The omega-9 fats are specifically amazing for our hair, skin, and nails.

Cucumber – This is actually your most hydrating vegetable. Cucumber is also your second highest source of silica, which is responsible for reversing the onset of osteoporosis, most commonly found in women.

Pomegranate Seeds – These seeds are important because they are your third highest anti-oxidant (açaí being the first and purple sweet potatoes being second), making pomegranate seeds great for your heart and great for your complexion.

Broccoli – Your third highest detoxifier, and we tend to throw away the most important part: the stem. The stem is a potent source of glucoraphanin. Make sure you fully cook the broccoli, as when raw, it has the ability to slow down your thyroid, which you want to avoid, especially if you already gave existing thyroid issues.

Hopefully, this provides you with the information you can use. These foods are the best of the best and what all of the Hollywood stars are doing to look and feel ten years younger. You can also sign up for one of our Custom Meal Plans and let us take the guesswork out of your nutrition.

I have known Brian for a year now and here his why I trust him. Brian Johnson is 38 and began his interest in nutrition when he was 7. He has invested over 80,000 hours in this and works with the best of the best. He teaches people how to integrate nutrition, such as this, into their daily lives, teaching them how to work right, rather than work hard. When you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you understand how to cater these things specifically to your lifestyle and how to integrate them, it’s not a matter of if, its a matter of when. Brain teaches and empowers people to feel good, have amazing energy and to show up at their best.

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