5 Foods You Must Avoid If You Ever Want To See Your Six-Pack


If you’re working out like crazy, and still not seeing your 6 pack abs, then there’s one big reason:

MenWomenSixPackThe specific foods you eat.

As such, you need to start analyzing your diet.  With that said, I am not suggesting a low calorie diet or advising you to reduce your carb intake.

But, there are 5 foods you must avoid.

Even if you have a sound nutritional diet, you will still be stuck in the weight loss rut if you eat these foods.

If you’re consuming any of the 5 foods below, they will stop you from ever seeing your 6 pack – or even getting lean.

The solution is to eat substitutes, or healthy alternatives.

1. Fast Food

Nearly all fast foods have tons of Trans Fats.  It’s these types of fats that have zero nutrition and they actually lower your good cholesterol while raising your bad.  Stay away from fast food, PERIOD.  I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “everything is good moderation”..?  Well, except fast food!

The Obesity epidemic is on the rise.  In fact, did you know that 1/3rd of the population (BMI 30+) suffer from being obese? Furthermore, overweight individuals (BMI 25-29) make up another 1/3rd of it.

We live in a fast food and microwave type of era, everyone wants it fast to fit their lifestyles.  No wonder these franchises are popping up on the most sought after corners of real estate around the country.  And, they will keep opening doors as long as we keep lining up for their products.

2. Frozen “Diet” Food aka “Lean Cuisine”

No_Frozen_MealThese so called “Lean Cuisines” or “All In One” diet meals are nothing more than a big ball of chemically processed garbage.

If you don’t believe me, grab a microscope and take a peak at what you’re putting in to your body.  That should be enough to convince you!

Try baking a chicken breast in some lemon and garlic, add some asparagus or greens for the side.  Its just as fast and easy, tastes better, and is far better for your body.

3. White, enriched, or otherwise refined flour-based products

Flour is a powder made from grains, legumes, nuts or seeds.  Refined grains are significantly modified from their original state, removing the germ and bran. They are further processed through mixing, bleaching, and brominating, and then can be “enriched” with B vitamins and iron.  However, in most cases it is not leaving white flour useless for your body.

White flour contains absolutely no nutritional value what-so-ever.

There is a reason why diabetics are not suppose to eat white bread…  It’s because white flour is converted by the body into sugar as it enters the bloodstream.  You’re just as well off eating a slice of cake! In other words, it makes you fat so steer clear.

4. High Fructose Corn Syrup

Energy_DrinkThey are starting to put this crap in everything!  READ THE LABELS…

This ingredient is not good for you and without question detrimental to your six pack abs. (HFCR) is not processed by the body in the same was as traditional sugar, it must pass through the liver first.

(HFCR) is prominent in things such as; soft drinks, juice beverages, and processed foods.  It is also referred to as “corn sugar”, so be conscious of this as you shop.

In fact, one study performed by Princeton found that high-fructose corn syrup ingestion in rats prompted considerably more weight gain than table sugar — even when caloric intake was the same. Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/high-fructose-corn-syrup/#ixzz2NoupSTBx

5. Alcohol

Red_WineThis is a midsection killer!  Alcohol wreaks havoc on your waistline like smoking does on lungs.  If you are going to drink, then resort to a glass or two of red wine or a light beer.

I certainly don’t recommend drinking alcohol at all while trying to lose weight, however, you can see some best case scenario beers here.

Find substitutes or alternatives for these 5 foods and you will break through your fitness plateau and begin losing body fat.You can do this!

Let’s get fit together!