MorelliFit » 6 Tips To Completely Avoid The Weight Gain Trap


WholeFoodsThe obesity epidemic is driving me crazy!

Every time I leave the house I can’t help but notice all of the unhealthy people walking around. I am to the point where I want to go up to people and simply tell them that it’s not entirely their fault.

While we certainly choose what we put into our bodies, we are surrounded by marketing campaigns drawing us closer to foods and brands that claim to have your best interest in mind. We can’t even trust the health professionals anymore. They are giving out meds before even diagnosing the problem.

A money centered economy leaves huge gaps in the health and well being of others. These doctors are quick to write a script without even thinking first about trying to treat the problem with whole foods or all natural supplements.


Well it’s very simple when you think about it… Does your doctor make any money when he or she tells you to go out and buy bunch of bananas?

Does he or she get wined and dined by the pharmaceutical reps for recommending fruit?

I use bananas because I am going “bananas”. The reality is bananas could be anything from super-foods to herbs and/or spices to simple whole foods that you see every time you visit your local supermarket.

Question everything and then question it again.

1. Question everything, even conventional wisdom

I want you to get into the habit of questioning everything you see and hear. I want you to even question my content. If you get lax and let my content slide then chances are you’ll begin to let other information slide too. No! Question it all, mine included.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If a professional doesn’t take the time to answer you what does that say about him or her and the philosophies they stand for. I welcome all questions all of the time. Find me on one of the social platforms and see just how many questions I am answering in a day.

3. Be skeptical of “the talkers”

Be skeptical of anyone who recommends anything that they too don’t follow themselves. Say “oh yeah, if it’s so good for me then why aren’t you doing or taking it”? You’ll hear this… crickets…

Aside from questioning everything what else can we do?

Simple daily disciplines as Jeff Olson, author of The Slight Edge would say. You have to start making smart decisions. One at a time is all that’s required to get circumstances working in your favor.

1. Implement some exercise

Walk, jog, ride a bike, give your kids some attention. Start with 15 minutes.


2. Start looking at your eating habits

The best way to attack this is to keep a daily journal. Write down everything from liquids to solids and the times of these consumptions. After 7 days review the information.

Ask yourself; am I eating an greens, lean meats, fruits, nuts, or seeds. Now ask yourself where can I slowly insert these types of foods. Heck pick one meal or one snack and start there.

Remember, progress is progress no matter how big or small.

3. Read something, anything.

Find a topic you enjoy and search for a blog or download a book. Even listening to an informative podcast is a solid move in the right direction. Again begin with 15 minutes a day.

Plan, do, review and question it all.

According to the latest report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) that our adult obesity rate has reached as high as 34.7% in Louisiana and Alabama. In another 41 states the obesity rate has reached at least 25%.

We’ve got to wake up.

If you haven’t spent a lot of time with me via social media Twitter and/or Facebook than you don’t know this yet, but I am here to help. Lean on me and let’s get fit together.