All Pro Science: PreCharge Supplement Review


Pre-workouts are a highly requested review that we are asked to do here at Morellifit quite often. Of course some of you might know that Michael and most of our Morellifit Coaches use Grind Coffee as a pre-workout, but they are always wanting to try and bring the best information to you. This is why this week, Michael and Chris test out and talk about All Pro Science: PreCharge.

Michael chose to review All Pro Science because he knows this company does a lot of the right things when it comes to supplements. They too have a grass-fed whey, even though its not an isolate like Primal Body, and it speaks to how natural the company tries to be. The pre-workout is labeled as “natural,” and even though we are not big on pre-workouts, when something is labeled as natural we tend to be curious about it.

So to really give this product a fair trial, Michael tested it out for a week. He liked the way it made him feel while on it and working out, so he sent it out for further investigation. If this truly was an all natural product, then maybe there was a way for Morellifit to do an all natural pre-work out for Primal Body. Unfortunately, the data came back and told us that it was in fact, not an all natural supplement. There are actually some synthetic ingredients in it. There are actually some synthetic ingredients in it, and informed us, there is no way to make this product an all natural blend.

A lot of pre-workout products on the market are not just made with caffeine anymore. They can also be paired with amino acids, branch chain amino acids, glutamine, creatine, and other variations of these things. Even though these seem like all good additives, these are not the only ingredients in your pre-workout. On top of those things they add additional stimulants other than caffeine, sometimes even stronger, that can be pounding away at your nervous system. That said, the caffeine in PreCharge is not coming from a bunch of chemicals, which is why it can probably be labeled as natural, but is actually just a natural form of caffeine.

What we found is the amount of caffeine in this is relatively low. There is a mere 30mg a serving, which pales in comparison to an actual cup of coffee, which would be around 90mg a serving of caffeine. If you are someone who is very sensitive to caffeine and just want a little perk, with the added benefits of glutamine, amino acids, creatine, and B vitamins then this would be a good product. This is a product that won’t give you crazy jitters or make you go over the top when working out.

All Pro Science: PreCharge pre-workout summary:

Pro: Good flavor, no artificial taste. Natural caffeine used. No jitters and no crash.

Cons: Not all ingredients are natural. Not a big boost of energy for those who already drink coffee or take other stimulants. Better as an intra-workout supplement based on the ingredients.

This is a good product intra-workout due to the low levels of caffeine as well as this list of ingredients:

  • 2g amino acids
  • 3g creatine
  • 4g glutamine
  • 2g taurine
  • 7g natural sweetened from cane sugar

Plus a list of other vitamins and electrolytes

Overall this product is one of the better ones out there in terms of how natural it is. This product can be good for someone wanting to switch to a less intense than a product than something like C4. If you were to cut out that product, or even a good amount of straight caffeine and reset, then this product would be something you could be successful on. It would be able to give you a little clarity and focus for your workouts with out the jitters or a crash.