Back-load Carbs for Faster Fat Loss


1186016_23003063-640x250Do you want to burn fat faster?

If so, learning how to “back-load” carbs may be your golden ticket to doing so, as it results in increased fat loss in a shorter amount of time.

Please pay attention to what I’m about to share with you in this post and the video below.

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Front-loading Carbs

For those of you who have followed me on Instagram, watched my You-Tube videos, or simply read my blog posts, you’re probably aware of another method I’ve shared, known as “front-load” carbs.

Front-loading is when regardless of the number of meals you consume daily, your first meal is composed of equal parts protein, fats, and carbs (PFC). As time goes on, the sliver of your meals that is composed of “carbs” steadily reduces in size, essentially becoming nonexistent by the end of the day.

Back-loading Carbs

In no way is it bad to front-load carbs. However, implementing back-loading into the picture may speed up the rate at which you burn fat.

My clients have had exceptionally successful results burning fat by implementing the back-loading of carbs into their routine. To make it easy and straightforward, I’ve outlined the “back-loading carb” process later in this post.

Achieving Faster Fat loss

So now that you understand the concept of front-loading and back-loading carbs, you’ll use both to get results. And it’s actually quite simple. To achieve faster fat loss, you simply switch back and forth between front-loading and back-loading every thirty days.

The 7 Basics of Back-loading Carbs

  1. Consume 75% of your carbs in the evening. Simply put, reverse the process of front-loading carbs (discussed above). While front-loading, 75% of your carbs are consumed early in the day, with meals gradually growing leaner as the day goes on. When back-loading carbs, you instead consume 75% of your carbs in the evening.
  2. Consume 25% of your carbs in the morning.
  3. Remain mindful of how your body reacts to these changes in your daily diet. Watch for abnormal fluctuations in your moods, energy levels, and body composition. The goal is not to sacrifice important health elements such as mood and energy.
  4. Monitor the process and your progress for thirty days.
  5. Switch back to front-loading for thirty days.
  6. Continue to rotate between thirty-day cycles of front-loading and back-loading carbs in order to shock your body with nutrition and stimulate faster fat loss.
  7. Use whole foods as opposed to processed ones with refined carbs and sugars. Processed and refined foods are counterproductive to your goal. They will only render your hard work and discipline as useless. Instead, use whole foods from as close to nature as possible.

I firmly believe and hope you will find yourself impressed and pleased with the results of implementing back-loading carbs for faster fat loss. Remain patient. Stay the course.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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And until next time, take care.