Banish the Bloat in 3 Simple Steps


Do you ever get that feeling?

The horrid, uncomfortable, energy-sapping, weight around your stomach.

Those days when you feel so bloated that you’re convinced you gained 15 pounds, even though you know you haven’t?

It might happen after a cheat meal, following a vacation or holiday, or, you may just experience bloating on random days, at random times, and for seemingly no good reason at all.

The bloat affects us all, but you can banish bloating forever. All it takes is 3 simple steps and a little patience.

I lay out each of these steps in order (and give you tips to take action right away).

1. Clean Up Your Diet

Maybe your diet is pretty clean already.

But is it as clean as it could be?

Are you really being honest with yourself? Is 90% of what you put into your mouth, good, wholesome, nutritious food, or are you letting the occasional bit of “junk” creep in? (If you are, it’s okay – I have some advice on this in just a moment.)

If you know you’ve slipped a little lately, here’s what I would like you to do.

For the next 2 weeks, commit to following your meal plan perfectly.

That means eating the foods you’re supposed to eat, eating at the times you’re supposed to eat, and not letting any hidden treats or snacks slip in there, UNLESS they’re part of your cheat meals.

Plan your cheat meals for the same days, at the same time each week, and make a note of how they make you feel. Chances are, you may experience bloating, in which case, you know the culprits of that stuffed feeling you’ve been experiencing.

Outside of those cheat meals though, stick to the same kinds of foods (lean meats, fish, nuts and seeds, fruits and veggies, some safe starches).

2. Get Wet

If there’s one thing that I believe that could banish the bloat, it would be to increase water intake.

Good old H2O is the foundation to any successful diet. When you don’t drink enough, your body enters scarcity mode, where it clings on to any water that’s consumed. It also down-regulates digestion.

In the video I reveal exactly how much water you need to ensure you never, ever get bloated;

3. Master Mindfulness

I’m not a fan of counting calories (especially to begin with).

What I am a fan of though, is being mindful and aware.

If you consciously focus on how your diet makes you feel, you’ll never over-eat, which means you’ll also follow the first two tips, and as long as nothing hormonal isn’t going on you shouldn’t bloat.

While you’re following your clean eating plan for the next 2 weeks, I also want you to keep a food journal.

In it, note down what you eat and when, a rough guide on how much you’re consuming, how each bite makes you feel, and whether or not you feel bloated.

Once the two weeks is up, go back over it and look for patterns.

Can you pick out any particular foods that made you feel tired?

How about foods that gave you great energy and helped you perform better in the gym?

Doing this helps you create a list of “go-to foods” and foods that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Banishing the bloat isn’t hard.

Give it just 2 weeks of consistency, and I guarantee you’ll never feel bloated and fat again — as long as you continue to apply these steps of course.

Done-For-You Banish the Bloat Diet

The 3 tips here are almost all you need to eliminate bloating.

Sometimes though, no matter what you try, that feeling still plagues you.

This could be to do with changes in hormone levels, the odd inner workings of your metabolism, or your body deciding it suddenly doesn’t like a certain food.

I found that with my clients, this would happen often.

So I created a plan that never fails to banish the bloat.

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