Why Black Friday Is a Lot Like a Fat Loss Diet


So that time is upon us again. 


Another year’s gone by, and Thanksgiving rolls around. Though for some, the real highlight of this time of year is Black Friday.

People plan for this for months and months – getting their “tactics” in place –

How they’re going to organize their day to get to the mall as early as possible

The ultimate methods for crowd-busting (without getting arrested!)

Strategically placing different family members at different stores to get all the best bargains.

Sitting up all night clicking “refresh” on their computers to swoop in and get the best deals on Amazon

It sounds crazy, but you and I both know – everyone does it.

And that’s pretty much okay.

Because it’s just once a year.

Splashing the cash on a few great bargains, and pushing the boat out just one day in every 365 really isn’t going to set you back too far. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nice vacations, treat your kids, go out to eat, or do anything fun for the whole rest of the year.

Just one day. That’s it.

And that leads us on to the topic of today’s blog post:

Motivational Saying

“I Screwed Up My Diet”

Diet is without a doubt, the number on area where most people are likely to struggle with a fat loss plan and a body transformation.

Most don’t find sticking to a workout schedule that difficult. But a diet’s a different matter – because temptation is always there.

As we all know though, getting your diet right is absolutely critical in being successful with your goals, and those who are in the zone, and on track to get amazing results understand this.

Which is why these folk often freak out when they have one day off their diet.

“I screwed up” is one of the most common things I hear from my clients the day after Thanksgiving, after Christmas, and after birthdays, parties, New Years, and any other times when there’s junk food a-plenty, and they’ve gone a bit (or a lot) overboard.

You Are Human

The first thing I’d tell you if you feel that you’ve been guilty of this, and are now ruing your poor choices is –

“You are human.”

We all make mistakes, and we all do things we know we shouldn’t.

And that’s okay.

Mistakes are how we learn. If we didn’t make mistakes, we’d never get anywhere in life, and it’s important to understand this.

When you do have one of those days (or even one of those weekends) where once you start, you can’t stop with the treats, snacks and junk food, you mustn’t beat yourself up.

By being too hard on yourself, thinking that you’re a failure, and coming down way too tough, you’re only going to get into a vicious cycle of feeling that every time you have the smallest slip up, you need to be punished.

Suddenly, you have a tiny morsel of food that’s not on your plan, you miss your protein at a meal, or you cave slightly to temptation, you start thinking you’re a failure.

This isn’t the case at all.

Rather than trying to make yourself feel guilty, the best option is to learn from it.

You don’t feel great for a lack of willpower and discipline, so use that to drive you forward.

Remember this feeling next time you’re tempted, and remember how you feel now.

The other big key here, is to get back on plan ASAP.

If you screw up your diet a little at breakfast, that absolutely does not mean the rest of the day is wasted – you can still have a pretty damn effective fat loss day by making smart choices through lunch and dinner, and wipe that slate clean straight away.

Can a Chicken Salad Make a Fat Person Thin?

The obvious answer to this question is No.

If someone’s spent their life eating burgers, fries and donuts, and has built up bad habits over 20 or 30 years, then sitting down and eating a chicken salad (or even eating healthy for a whole day) isn’t going to change their body and mind.

Why then, would you think that if you’re lean, fit and healthy, that one bad meal, one bad day, or even a sub-par week or weekend would suddenly pile on pounds of fat and make you a dieting failure?

It simply doesn’t.

Plus, I’ll let you into a little secret –

While I don’t condone deliberately going off-plan, sometimes indulging in those high-calorie junk foods can give you a mental and physical boost, cure cravings, and make you stronger.

It’s a One-Off

Black Friday only happens once a year, and everyone goes a bit crazy.

The only people who really suffer are those who get hooked on bargains, and keep abusing the credit card for weeks and months afterwards.

And that’s how it goes with “bad meals.”

You have a day here and there that doesn’t go to plan?

So what – you’re driven, you’re motivated, and you have self-control – for 95% of the time, you’re awesome at sticking to your diet.

These binges only become an issue when you can’t stop.

When you think you’re a failure, so binge even more.

When you adopt the “screw it” attitude and become a self-saboteur.

So this Thanksgiving, adopt the “one-off” mind-set.

Have some fun with your food, give yourself a little leeway, and realize that it’s just for one day.

The gym, and all your healthy food will still be there tomorrow, and you’ll be a fitter, stronger, and happier person, ready to go and crush it, and keep on track to killer results.