Could a coach be the key to reaching your fat loss goals?



Goal setting, accountability, questions…

I know what you’re thinking, “why do I need a coach? I can do this myself.” Really? Then why haven’t you done it yet? Why haven’t you not been able to reach your goals? Ok, maybe there were some serious challenges that have prevented you from reaching your goals, but for the majority of you, I bet you just simply derailed and strayed from the course.

Try this: Take out a piece of paper. Write down your goals. Don’t just think about them, write them down. Without writing them down, they are only wishes and dreams.

Once you have them written down, take a moment and study them. Are your goals outcome-based or behavior-based? An outcome-based goal is an end result you are striving for without really taking into account the process to get there. A few examples would be, “lose 10 lb” or “do a pull-up”. Those are fantastic goals, yes, but they fall flat when it comes to specific behaviors. That’s where behavior-based goals come in handy. Look at your list again. Are there any specific, measureable, behavior-based goals? These goals describe the necessary behaviors needed to reach your outcome-based goal. If your outcome-based goal was to lose 10 pounds, your behavior-based goal could be something like, “meal prep every Sunday for the work week”, or “go to the gym 5 times per week”. I encourage you to re-evaluate your goal list and set some behavior-based goals for each one of your outcome-based goals. Think of them as the baby steps you can implement to get you closer to your outcome-based goals.

What now?

Ok, so now that you have your goals written down, how do you keep from simply tossing them aside, continuing on, and feeling miserable? Well, either you’re an excellent self-motivator or, chances are, you could use a daily dose of motivation to keep you on track.

That’s where coaching can help. We can help with the accountability portion of your goals. One of the ways a coach can help is by locating your limiting factors and implementing small habits to help you overcome them. Limiting factors could be that you don’t know how to meal prep, you don’t know how to lift weights, you don’t have time to do all of this, etc. We look to help you to take the right steps help to set you up for success.

Dealing with new challenges

Lastly, as you embark on your fitness journey, questions may arise that you didn’t have before and that’s normal! Your body is adapting and changing through this process. Part of having a good coach is being able to ask questions every step of the way! No question is a dumb question as you continue to learn and grow through this process.

So, whatever your goal is, having a good coach can provide you with support, knowledge and motivation every step of the way!

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