Essential Oils: 5 Shocking Cures!



Essential oils are becoming popular among people for many reasons. Some, like the way they smell in a diffuser and others love the benefits that they get from them.

To be honest, when I started using essential oils, I was a little skeptical and so wanted to talk to my buddy Brian about how they work and if they really are all they’re cracked up to be.

You see, Brian is not just an expert on digestion and health, he is also an expert on essential oils. Because he has proved his knowledge time and time again, I really wanted to know his opinion on essential oils, whether they were helpful or if I was just wasting my time.

Over the years, I have heard so much about essential oils and some of it just seems too good to be true, so I wanted a little more in depth explanation.

According to Brian, there is an oil for almost anything you can think of, from ADD, brain fog, respiratory function, pain, stress and hormones. Essential oils can be helpful in so many different areas of your life and in ways you never thought was possible.

Check out some of the things that I didn’t believe essential oils could help with, but are actually true: 

1). You can actually take essential oils to improve brain function, as they work a lot like medicines. One oil that helps with brain function is called Brain Power, made by Young Living Oils, as it contains sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes are a class of terpenes  (organic compound produced by plants) that are able to pass the blood-brain barrier and enter into the brain and raise brain function by promoting memory and the release of emotions. Other oils you can use are Frankincense and Myrrh.

2). You can use essential oils for stress management. Lavender is great put put on your forearms and feet in order to relax you. This is the same concept behind lavender candles or adding lavender to your diffuser, as it is a scent and an oil that will calm and destress you. Aromas can actually help to balance out the physiological chemistry of your body. This can help you with challenges you face, whether it is with food or with stress.

3). There is a specific set of oils that deal with digestive challenges. One such oil is Peppermint  and this just like the mint that you find in so many different products, such as mint tea, which is really good for digestion. Peppermint oil is like an oil version of this. If you are having digestive issues, place some oil on the back of your hand and breathe it in. This can even help you with headaches.

4). Pain relief. Panaway oil is a great way to help you get rid of pain and inflammation, just by putting some onto your temples and your forehead, between the eyes. It also helps if you breathe it in and you can do this either in a diffuser or adding some right below your nose. This type of essential oil is perfect after a hard workout.

5). Essential oils can help you get a better nights sleep. One of the best ways to do this is through a diffuser and adding in the right combination of essential oils, such as Lavender, Cedar Wood and an oil called Peace and Calming by Young Living Oils. These types of oils are great at relaxing you and putting you into a meditative state, allowing you to rest easier and fall asleep faster. The trick is to let your diffuser run for about 30 minutes before you head to bed, preferably with the fan on, to allow the oils to saturate the environment. This helps to precondition you to a state that is ready for sleep.

Just as with anything, you can overdo essential oils. What you have to do is try them out and find out what works best for you. Just like with your nutrition program, what is best for you will be different than what is best for the next person.

If you are going to start with three oils, the top three you should grab:

1). Peppermint

2). Lavender

3). Thieves – Although we didn’t talk about this one above, it is still highly recommended as it can impact your health. This oil smells like cinnamon and clove and is great in a diffuser for when you are getting sick as it helps you breathe better.

There is so much stuff that is out there and for many, essential oils are something you need to see for yourself. Keep an open mind and use them consistency and you will be hooked! Test out these amazing benefits for yourself!

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