Exposed! Do fat burner supplements work?



Most people who have gone into a store to look for supplements have seen that there are shelves lined with fat burners. We want to break down and look at what is in these and how they will affect your body if you take them. Cellucor’s Super HD is a good example of a popular fat burner that a lot of people have heard of or even taken already. We explore what is in them, why you would want to take them, what happens when you do, and good alternatives to it.

When it comes to fat loss products, it’s no secret that there are some that do really work. So let’s start with the ingredients and see what is in this particular one. There are several natural ingredients listed in Super HD. There are some B vitamins and, as some people know, these help facilitate metabolism.

When your body is stressed it tends to run out of B vitamins because they are water soluble and our bodies flush them out. There is niacin and green tea listed, along with tyrosine, which is an amino acid, rhodiola, which is an herb to suppress hunger, and cayenne pepper which helps increase body temperate to help burn more calories. When you look at the label, you can see that every ingredient in there is helping boost metabolism and shuttle fat into the blood stream for use as energy.

Although none of these ingredients jump out as scary or harmful because most are herbs, vitamins, and amino acids, there is still a downside. These products tend to be abused by the users. Unfortunately, even though there is a way to cycle on and back off it the right way, most people assume that the more you take of this product, the more weight you are going to lose. This is a big issue and where the product gets used incorrectly the most. Another downside of this product arises when you need to come off of it.

This is not a product that you can stay on forever, eventually it will stop working. When you come off of it, you are likely to gain the weight back and that is the psychological teeter totter. It can make you want go back and buy more of the fat burner to get back to where you were. That reliance on a product to feel lean is where major problems arise.

When people become dependent on these fat burners to stay lean, instead of addressing the true problem with their diet and exercise, they can often get caught in the cycle of buying fat burner after fat burner to get back to where they want to be. But, staying in that cycle is harmful to your body.

You beat the crap out of your body because you are pushing it into overdrive all the time. This is where people can run in to health problems. It can mess up your thyroid and in the long term mess up your metabolism. Instead of looking to fat burners, the best thing you can do is make dietary changes.

When someone’s diet is not dialed in, and they are drinking on the weekend and having too many cheat meals, then the cycle for them cannot change. More often people won’t even see results from these products due to such bad diets, and then beat themselves up for not getting the results a product claims like getting you chiseled overnight. With out the diet and training component, it’s better to just toss supplements like these out the windows because they will not be able to get you where you want to be.

At Morellifit, we do not want our clients hooked on fat burners. That’s why if you go to our Primal Body website, you will not see a single fat burner for sale. There is more money in selling fat burners than any other supplement on the market because it had the biggest mark up and that is where the money is at, but that is not the path we want people to go on.

Michael believes in quality products, like our Grassfed Whey, and instead of putting a chiseled guy to sell a fat burner on his website, he invests in quality supplements that will actually benefit your health.

So what do you do if you want to reap the benefits of a natural fat burner without the downside of possible crashes and metabolic damage? You can use caffeine. We use Grind, a organic fair trade coffee, to help burn fat.

You can find organic fair trade coffee at your local health store, online, or even in some local coffee shops. Michael drinks Grind coffee because he knows where it comes from, he believes in it, and the caffeine in it works as a fat burner. It’s the most under utilized fat burner on the planet. It’s been working for Michael for years and he once came from a list of supplemental fat burners that messed him up.

At one point he was taking pre-workouts just to function and had become so accustomed to it that he needed it every single day. Pre-workouts are very similar to fat burners in the way that they stimulate your body. Now, with coffee and the natural energy of caffeine, the energy is cleaner.

We will be reviewing more supplements as we go, and letting you know how you can benefit your own health and work outs.

Cellucor Super HD Summary:

Pro: Most ingredients are natural and not harmful in moderation.

Con: The teeter totter of dependence on a product as well as the chance of long term metabolic damage.

Rely on more natural sources of caffeine instead of all the other stuff that are in fat burners and pre-work outs. Those supplements have long term effects and the thyroid issues and we suggest to stay away from products like that. Change your diet and your lifestyle if you are looking for long term, sustainable healthy change. No one has any business doing supplements until their diets get dialed in, or else it’s just like throwing your money into the trash. Remember, be patient, stay the course, and let get fit together!