How to Carb-Cycle this Halloween


Happy Halloween Morellifit Family! This year with Elmo, we teach you how to carb cycle with candy. This is a five day carb-cycle so you can eat whatever you want. There is one catch. If you follow this carb cycle and eat what you want, you have to promise to not feel guilty. You have to own your cheat. So, #ownyourcheat and own your cheat on social media. Here’s how to do it:

Day one – Medium carb day. That means you consume .5 g of carb for each 1 lb. of body weight.
Eg. 150 lbs. would be 75g of carbs in the day. When you have carbs in your system, your fats are low and you fill in the rest with protein. That is important because protein is the building block of muscle.

Day two – No carb day. If your panicking that you cannot sustain on zero carbs, remember that carbohydrates are the only non-essential macronutrient and you can live a perfectly healthy life with out them. Some people actually thrive on the heavy fats high protein diets, like the keto diet. For this day, eat lots of green veggies, protein and consume a little bit higher in fats.

Day three – No carb day. And when we say carb, we mean no active carbs. Veggies are a non active carb. Fill this day with veggies, proteins, and fat. Also, make sure you’re drinking a lot of water.

Day four – Own your cheat! Do not feel guilty. Do not feel depressed. Do not feel bad about it, because you’ve set yourself up for success. You should have been working out this week and with the carb-cycle you’ve set up your nutrition as well. So enjoy your cheat, and feel good about it.

Day five – No carb day again. Drink tons of water, because you might have some alcohol and you’ll want to flush it out. The same goes for all the sugar from candy or sweets. Follow the no carb day of high levels of green veggies, protein and healthy fats.

Now this is aggressive, and you can go Medium Carb, Low Carb, No Carb instead. But, we suggest trying it like this. By carb-cycling like this, you are setting yourself up to absorb the carbs on Halloween because you are depleting the days before. Typically, low carb days tend to be lower calorie days as well. So you will be able to afford to have your calories on Halloween.

Enjoy yourself and own your cheat. Happy Halloween! #ownyourcheat