How drinking water can help you lose weight…



Once again, I am joined by Brian Johnson at Fresh Box in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are unfamiliar with Brian, he is a nutrition expert from Houston and has worked with countless celebrities all over the world to help them reverse various diseases.

I am asked all the time what type of water is the best and how much people should be drinking to stay properly hydrated, and Brian is here to help me answer some of those questions.

Are There Toxins and Acid in My System?

Next to air, water is the most important thing that keeps us alive and when we are dehydrated our body becomes more acidic. The same thing applies when we are eating processed foods, breathing dirty air or drinking bad water…our bodies become very acidic. When our bodies become more acidic, all of our toxins get stored within our fat cells. When you begin to drink more water and become hydrated, your body raises its alkalinity levels and begins to push out all of the acidity. When we are toxic, our bodies will store subcutaneous water to dilute the acidity. So right there are some of the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

How Does Water Affect My Diet?

Depending on how many vegetables and what else you are eating daily basis, you may want to drink alkaline water. Of course, you will want to pay attention to how the water makes you feel. How do you feel before you drink it and how do you feel 30 minutes after drinking it?

Water and hydration are very important, and as mentioned, most of us aren’t as hydrated as we think we are. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Also, our body often times confuses dehydration with hunger. So, drinking more water, especially if you are dieting, can help to curb food cravings, as your body may really be needing water, rather than food.

Hacking Hydration: How Much is Enough?

We’ve all heard the idea that we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, no matter who you are, but Brian and I both agree that the amount of water you need to be drinking varies person to person. It depends on who you are and how active you are. If one day you are more active and sweat more, you lose more water and so it only makes sense that you would have more water to replace than on a day when you weren’t as active. Again, pay attention to how you feel. When you are hydrated, you should notice a difference in your hormone function, how you sleep, and your stress and energy levels.

If you found this information helpful and would like more information from Brian, let us know in the comments. Also, let us know if you have any questions and we will work to answer them. If you are interested in making sure you are getting your fill of daily vitamins and minerals, as well as eating for your fitness goals, check out our custom meals plans.

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