How To Gain Up To 10lbs Of Lean Muscle In 8 Weeks


Hi From Michael, the creator of the number one fat loss program, HIIT MAX™, with 85,000 copies sold.

This video and blog post is for hard gainers, looking for lean muscle gains, or anyone who wants to gain lean muscle really quickly.

Today we focus on the two things you can do to gain ten pounds of lean mass in the next 8 weeks. Even if you have the goal of fat loss, it is also important to the have goal of maintaining your muscle mass. Why is this? The more muscle mass you have, the higher BMR you have, the more fat you burn at rest, the easier it is to sustain weight loss, and the easier it is to maintain your body composition.

When your goal is to gain and sustain lean muscle mass, you never want to sacrifice muscle for fat.

Let’s talk about the two things that will get you there. If you follow these two things, you’ll gain 10 pounds in 8 weeks.

  • TDEE.

TDEE is your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is a number of calories burned with your activity level throughout the day. What does this number mean for your gains? This means if you want to gain 10 pounds, you have to eat above this number every single day.

For example, your TDEE is 3,000. In order to put on mass, you have to eat more than 3000 calories a day. It takes 3,500 calories extra to experience 1 pound of weight gain. If you consume that for seven days, 500 extra calories as day, times 7 days, that brings you to an extra 3500 calories a week. That excess will gain you 1 pound in a week.

To calculate your TDEE, use the BRM calculator on the blog.

On a side note, when we say consume extra calories, this doesn’t mean eat cupcakes, donuts, HoHos, and Twinkies. That’s not what we talking about here. When you eat crap you will gain mass, but it’s very little lean mass and a lot of fat. There are people who do this and put on a lot of bulk, but then they have to cut. To cut they drop calories and then they lose the weight and are right back to where they started. This creates a teeter-totter when you try to bulk with garbage. The goal should be lean mass, which requires you to consume quality calories. If you follow our social media accounts you know what this means. Use our Macro list and grocery list for good references of foods you should be eating.

Let’s move on to the second thing.

  • TUT.

TUT is Time Under Tension. What does that mean? This means the amount of time your muscles spend under tension during any given set.

For example, bicep curls. You add up the time your muscles are in the concentric phase (tension curling up) and the eccentric phase (tension uncurling) in seconds. You total that up and multiply by the number of reps you do. Where you need to be is 40 to 70 seconds TUT every given set. If you have three bicep exercise and four sets each for each exercise, you add up the three exercises times four sets. Every set should be 40- 70 TUT. This is the same when you train legs, shoulders, chest, back, or calves.

The goal is always TUT 40-70 for lean muscle gains. Lean muscles gains also mean achieving muscle hypertrophy. You need to use muscle hypertrophy methods in order for them to grow. That happens at 40–70 TUT. People think heavy weights and fewer reps is the only way to do it. Reps do not matter. You have to manipulate the reps. Sometimes you do really light weights and more reps and you still get there. Sometimes you do heavy weights and fewer reps, but you can still get there. Doing fewer reps means that you only do 6, but you do them very slowly.

We know this works because Michael has done it, and thousand of clients have done it with him. If you follow this you will get very close to these lean muscle gains in 8 weeks. Some people with get more gains than others because some people are harder gainers than others. Another factor is if you have been working out for a long time and the number can vary for your potential gains. If you just started working out and you are a hard gainer, you can hit this goal. You will be happy and getting these results as long as you also eat clean, whole foods, that are as close to nature as possible.

If you feel you have hit a plateau, or are seeing little or no gains and are looking for an effective workout, HIIT MAX™ Elite can help you get the results you want. The program takes the guesswork out of your workouts by showing you what exercises to do, how many reps to do, and the rest times in between. The workouts are set in calendar format and you just choose the day of the month you want to start and follow along while we keep track of your process. Each month the workouts change and progress with you so that there is no plateauing and you gain lean muscle each month.

This is just one of the many benefits of HIIT MAX™ Elite, and with membership, you also get nutrition guidance, a forum to communicate with our trainers and other members, as well as an ever growing list of great music for you to enjoy during your workouts.

Be patient. Stay the course. And, let’s get fit together!