How To Use A Foam Roller: Quick Routine


For a long time, mobility work and stretching were not high priorities. I was interested in gains I could see, so lifting was my one and only concern for almost a decade.

Boy, was I wrong…

The impact that mobility work and stretching have made on my ability to function better overall and in the gym, has been amazing.

If only I would have implemented this self-maintenance type of work sooner, I would be even more proficient.

Now it’s part of my everyday routine, whether I train or not.

I have found that when you take care of your body by combining the right foods (whole foods) with some daily maintenance (foam rolling), you simply perform better. And this carries over into your everyday life, increasing the quality of it.



Foam roiling, also known as “myofascial release,” offers some huge benefits. For example, foam rolling has proven to:

  1. Smooth and lengthen the muscles
  2. Break up adhesions and scar tissue
  3. Help your muscles relax
  4. Increase blood circulation
  5. Speed-up workout recovery and boosts performance

I STRONGLY encourage you to implement some foam rolling into your daily routine. Start with 10 to15 minutes and work up from there based on how your body responds.

You can find basic foam rollers on Amazon for under $20. The one I use in the video is made by TriggerPoint, it’s the GRID foam roller, and it starts at $40.

Implement the routine post-workout as instructed in the video. After a few weeks, come back and leave me a message. I would love to know how this is working for you.