5 Foods That Increase Energy & Optimize Performance


If you’re anything like me, then you love the things that give you more energy and allow you to accomplish more. This is why I drink so much coffee and why I am such a believer in caffeine to help me through my workouts. If you’ve been following me on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen me doing Grind day in and day out.

Once again, Brian Johnson joined us to talk to me about some other natural alternatives I could use to help me boost my energy. If you’ve seen our latest blogs, then you know how much respect I have for the knowledge that Brain offers. You can find out more about him and what he does by checking out his site, www.thinkgreatloseweight.com.

Being able to be more energetic can really give you an advantage and this is why I want to bring you some more alternative, all natural, sources of energy, including some that may surprise you!

Some all natural alternative energy sources are:

Beet Juice – Beet juice can increase your oxygen uptake by up to 400% by cleansing your blood. If you are on medications or use an air purifier, this is one thing that you can do to help cleanse and purify your blood. This is amazing as a pre-workout.

I have actually been drinking this as a pre-workout over the past few days before I even knew why it worked so well, and I have noticed a big difference. The more oxygen we get flowing through our system and the more oxygen that is delivered throughout our body, the more energized you are going to feel.

Apple Cider Vinegar – The benefits that you get from drinking apple cider vinegar is something that we talk about a lot.

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Not only does this help to naturally energize you by creating oxygen in your lower intestines, but it also helps if you have digestive issues by acting almost as a probiotic, putting good bacteria into your gut and alkalizing your body.

Cordyceps Mushroom – Although this may not be the best tasting snack, cordyceps can have a big effect on your workouts, specifically how well you can breathe, how hard you can push yourself and how well you maintain peak performance levels.

Water – Water alone can be extremely energizing and a lot of the struggle is getting enough water into our system. If you didn’t already know, when you don’t get enough water, we tend to overeat, as we confuse the signals our body is sending us, and we can get headaches.

Lately, for myself, I have been drinking Kagen water, using a Kagen machine. This is a Japanese machine that produces several different levels of pH water and puts my water at about a 9.5 pH level. It also actually restructures the water so that it is better absorbed at a cellular level. It helps keep you more energized than regular water as it improves your alkalinity. I am now drinking a gallon and a half of water every day!

Goji Berries – These raisin-like berries help give you more energy by increasing your blood flow and oxygenating the cells and tissues of the body.

A couple of other all natural things you can take to help improve energy and overall performance are THRIVE and nnnSPORT®X-Cell. You can learn more about THRIVE here and more about nnnSPORT®X-Cell here.

These are some things you can begin to integrate into your daily life to help increase your energy at the gym and as you go throughout your day. They are all natural and have many other amazing benefits other than providing you with more energy.