Lower Body Blast by Taylor


Here is another great workout from Morellifit Coach Taylor! If you enjoyed her last work out and want more, or are here for the first time, this new workout is a total lower body burn. Follow along to work both your glutes and legs. Here is the full workout:

Lower Body Burn:
  1. Curtsy Lunges with Dumbbells: Squat in between: 20 reps x 3.
    – Make sure you aren’t compromising form for weight.
  2. Pistol Squats: 15 each leg x 3.
    – Don’t let your knees go over your toes. Hold a heavy weight and put most of your weight on your heels.
  3. Side Lunge Squat with weight: 20 reps each leg x 3.
    – Keep foot faced forward so you don’t stress your knees.
  4. Glute Towel Slide. 15 reps x 3.
    – Put all of your weight on the standing foot. Keep weight in heel. Go as deep as you can.
  5. Jump Squats: 30 jumps x 3.
  6. Sumo Pulses: until exhaustion: (aim for 30 pulses) x 3.

Take this workout with you on your next leg day. If you like this workout, then let us know! Also, let us know below any exercises you would like to see our Coaches work out with!