The Simple Mind Hack To Make Anything Easier


I read.

A lot.

I love learning, I love self-development, expanding my knowledge, and above all, helping you guys.

And one of the amazing tips I picked up recently is all to do with reaching your goals. Actually, not just achieving your goals, but smashing your targets out of the park, and making them a breeze to accomplish.

I learnt this trick from my buddy Tai Lopez.

It’s genius, and you will love it.

Before I reveal it though, let me tell you what this will help you with.


The Art of Goal Setting

Goal setting is key in your success.

Without having set, defined, determined and realistic goals, you’ll get nowhere.

So many people want to lose weight, get leaner, feel fitter and healthier, live longer, build bigger arms, or finally achieve that six-pack.

But few follow through and do it – why is that?

It’s rarely a lack of desire, or even a lack of knowledge – rather it’s a lack of goal setting.

Or rather, it’s because people are scared to commit, and fail to use contrast bias.

And that’s what today’s blog is all about.

The Man on the Moon

Before we put a man on the moon, how incredibly unachievable and implausible to you thinking shooting someone off into space and having them land on another planet sounded?

It must have been pretty crazy, right?

Pre-1969, few outside of NASA truly believed we’d ever do it.

But we did.

Despite this being such a lofty ambition, it was achieved, because a few dedicated, committed and disciplined folk dared to think big.

And this is where contrast bias comes in.


How to Use Contrast Bias

How tough do you think it will be for you to lose 10 pounds?

How about to run that triathlon you’re thinking about?

Or to get your ideal beach body?

Right now, you might think it’s pretty tough, and therefore, you’re unlikely to give everything 100%.

But do me a favor, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment …

So you have 10 pounds to lose and you’re scared.

Well what about those guys and girls on ‘The Biggest Loser?’

How about Jared, the Subway guy?

Or people who’ve got themselves from being morbidly obese and at death’s door, to slim, fit and healthy?

They had a lot more to lose than just 10 pounds, yet they did it. So what’s stopping you from shedding your excess body fat.

Let’s talk about performance for a second, too.

You might want to run a 5 mile race in, say, 45 minutes.

At the moment, if your only exercise is the odd walk or weekly yoga class, then achieving this probably feels like little more than a pipedream.

But there are people out there running 5 miles with one leg.

Heck, there are amputees and war veterans running 50 miles and completing ultra marathons with one leg.

Suddenly, your goals don’t seem quite as scary.


Think About Mr Armstrong

Whenever you’re planning your goals, think back to Neil Armstrong.

That man on the moon gig – that was huge.

Just like losing 200 pounds for someone is huge.

Just like conquering a disability to complete an ironman is huge.

Your goals – as important as they may be – really don’t seem all that difficult when compared to such immense physical and mental feats.

Just bear in mind, whenever you’re a little scared, a little worried and a little nervous about setting yourself a target – be that for weight loss, burning fat, or sports performance – people before you have achieved much more difficult things, and plenty more in the future will do too.

Your goals are more than doable, provided you commit to them and back yourself.

As always, I’m here in your corner as well, cheering you on every step of the way.

If you need me, all you have to do is send me an email, or drop a comment in the video below: