Stay Motivated with These 5 Tips


160224_100k_Staymotivated_BlogHeaderTop 5 ways to stay motivated 

We all struggle from time to time with motivation. It seems like just as we pick up steam in our fitness journey, as fast as we find it, we can lose momentum. Instead of just giving in, there are several ways to restart or continue finding motivation to keep up your progress.

  1. Vision board: Know EXACTLY what your goal is. Know 100% what your goal looks like, feels like, smells like and what it represents. If your goal, like most people, is losing weight, what will you gain from it? How many more things in life will you accomplish out of more confidence and self-love? When you think about your goal, does it resemble something positive? Making a vision board with pictures and quotes will allow you to see your “vision” daily in an area that is visible multiple times a day. Think of this as manifesting a goal and making it come to fruition. Envisioning your future self and who or what you are emulating is one of my favorite forms of motivation and keeping myself excited for the future. I keep my vision board directly in front of my bed, so as it’s the last thing I see as I’m reading before bed, and the first thing I see when I wake up.
  1. Motivational videos and music: Who doesn’t need a little good kick in the tush to get on track and motivated? Motivational videos are ALWAYS my go to when I’m feeling a little down on drive and need something more. The best way to stay motivated is to never lose the motivation. My best advice for this is after waking up, put on something motivational, whether it be a podcast, YouTube video, or your favorite quotes to jump start your day and keep you hungry for more. YouTube videos are free, and this is a habit that you have no excuse to not live out daily.
  1. Affirmations: Never underestimate the power of daily affirmations. The easiest way to do this is to buy post-its and write down quotes or certain words that you find will inspire you and keep you on the grind. I keep these in my car, on mirrors in my room, you could even put them in the fridge if you have issues with eating late at night! The point is that you need to do whatever you have to in order to keep you on track. Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of these small steps that will lead you closer to your goal. Do whatever you possibly can to keep yourself on track.
  1. Journaling intentions daily: This is also called goal setting, which will set your intentions from the beginning of the day. Intentions are powerful because it programs your brain to know exactly what you need and want to accomplish that day. These do not need to be large tasks. Even something small like smiling at everyone you see will in turn have a huge impact on that person as well as yourself. Larger intentions such as, “I will work out for at least 45 minutes today, and after I will make sure to eat the proper foods to replenish my body properly” is a great example. Do not look at these as “to do” lists, they are not one in the same. Intentions have more of a deeper meaning and are more related to your goals in life, rather than things you need to check off for the day.
  1. Accountability partner: Support from like-minded people is crucial. You are the company you keep, and if you do not surround yourself with those who have similar goals and intentions you will set yourself up for failure. Find someone in the challenge group who is very similar to you and hold each other accountable. Exchange phone numbers or email addresses and check in with each other daily. When you feel you are slipping in any area or loving motivation, reach out to that person so they can check you. At the end of the day, like-minded people have similar goals. If you try to reach out to those who aren’t making health and fitness a priority, it’s more than likely they will discourage you instead of encourage. If you don’t have anyone like this you can count on, sign up for our one on one coaching sessions where we hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and answer all of the questions you have in regards to health and nutrition. Motivation only runs so far, so having a professional check in with you once a week is one of the best investments you can possibly give to yourself.

Next time you feel yourself stalling, and you cannot muster up what you need to get to the gym or eat the right meals, use one, two or all of the motivational tips to keep going. Vision boards, music and affirmations are all great to keep to goals in mind and keep focused. Journaling is a great way to keep yourself aware of how far you have come. And of course, the best motivator of all, is the accountability partner.

Having someone to talk to, who shares your goals and feelings, is the best way to help keep you motivated. Look to friends, family, or even coworkers who might be on a fitness journey as well. Even without identical goals, just support in changing your life is enough to help keep you on track. Our coaches know the power of support and accountability, and spend their days working with people to keep them on track and reaching their goals. If you are interested in the amazing support of our highly trained coaches, click here to see what they can do to help you reach any goals you have. Support from someone who can help you through a tailored training program, a custom meal plan, or just continuing HIIT MAX™, might just be what you need to take the steps to achieve what you want out of your fitness journey.