The Easiest Way to Clean Up Your Diet Without Going Insane


If you want to get lean, keep fit, and ultimately, live longer, you have to stick to a clean diet 90% of the time.

The trouble is, most people associate eating clean with boredom, monotony and having to follow some kind of drastically restrictive, boring, and energy-sapping meal plan.

In effect, people thing eating clean = insanity!

This is not the case whatsoever.

In fact, switching to a clean diet is incredibly easy.

With the tips, hacks and shortcuts in this blog, you’ll learn exactly how to –

  • Make the switch to eating clean while enjoying all your food
  • Structure weekly goals so you hit your nutrition targets with no stress at all
  • Lose fat faster than ever before, just with small diet tweaks

And above all, clean up your diet without going insane.

Step 1 – Focus on 1 Thing at a Time

It potentially took years to build up bad habits, so they’re not going to change overnight.

Pick just one thing per week, and aim to improve that. It could be –

  • Cutting out soda
  • Dropping from two candy bars per day to one
  • Halving the amount of sugar you have in your coffee

Plus, where these changes are so minor, you won’t even notice them, meaning they become habits, and you never feel the need to go back to old ways.

Step 2 – Make Switches

Getting rid of processed and high-calorie foods is a great start, but we’re all human, and simply ditching these without replacing them can make us feel deprived.

Therefore, it’s essential you have something to substitute them with.

Personally, I’m a fiend for good coffee and Skittles, as I have a serious sweet tooth. So instead of these, I have a little dark chocolate every single day. This acts as a great replacement for high-sugar candy, and keeps me on track with my plan, without going insane.

Step 3 – Clean Out Your Cupboards

No matter how strong your willpower, it’s always finite.

If you have temptations around you, at some point you’ll cave. We’re human after all, and the lure of junk food can be so incredible that even the most diligent of dieters can succumb at some stage.

Now, this is definitely tougher if you live with others, or particularly if you have kids, but it can be doable.

Want to know how I managed it with my family and my kids?

Check out the video –

Make it a Lifestyle

In this world of rapid physique transformations, and radical 6-week diets, it’s normal to expect huge results in a very short space of time.

But the cold, hard truth is that these transformations rarely last.

Sure, you might lose 10 pounds in a month, but often, the tactics you have to employ to do so are so extreme that it’s virtually impossible to stick to them. This means that none of the changes you make become habitual, and as soon as you crack, you’re back into old ways.

And a further four or five weeks down the line, you’re right back where you started, or worse – in even worse shape, and even more unhealthy.

I don’t want that for you.

This is why it’s imperative that you see cleaning up your diet as a steady, gradual process.

You don’t need any “secrets” – you just need to focus on improving things day by day. Taking it slow is not a weak option.

Remember my motto – “be patient, and stay the course.”

THAT is the key to creating your dream body, and keeping it for life.

Take a look at the video for even more tips –