Top 3 Detoxifiers and Hormone Regulators



While at Fresh Box, Brian and I got into a discussion about hormones and the role they play in fat loss, especially for women, making it almost impossible to lose weight. Brian, being a nutrition expert, was able to help shed some light on how you can help reverse the effects of low hormones with foods you can get at your local grocery store.

Top Detoxifiers

Brian acknowledges that this is a question he deals with all the time and points out that as we age, our body produces less and less hormones and this can play a massive role in your body’s ability to burn fat. Nowadays, with all the toxins that we put in our bodies, form the stuff we are breathing in through the air to the stuff that is in our food, there is a massive shift in your hormones ability to perform effectively. Here are some great detoxification techniques that you can do with the food right in your local grocery store:


  • Cilantro – If you are talking about environmental toxicity or heavy metal toxicity, this is the one that will help. This is your top heavy metal chelator and can help improve neurological dysfunctions, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. By chelating the heavy metals from your body, you body is able to function at a higher level.


  • Avocado – This is your second highest detoxifier and you can actually use the avocado seed (blending it into a powder) and add it into your smoothie. The seed is very potent and useful for clearing the plaque out of your arteries. The key term to remember is glutathione, which is the master enzyme that our body produces when it is functioning right. This is the enzyme that detoxifies your body.


  • Broccoli – Your third highest detoxifier and since it contains I3C (Indol-3-Carbinol), it is useful for those dealing with estrogen based cancers, such as breast cancer. When eating broccoli, it is important to remember not to throw away the stem, but rather, eat it, as it contains glucoraphanin. The top of the broccoli has all of your vitamins, while the bottom contains all of your minerals and phytochemicals, making it your detoxification piece.

Top Immune Boosters

When it comes to wanting to boost your hormones, here are some foods that Brian has recommended:


  • Oysters – Since oysters are a great source of zinc, this is your top food for boosting testosterone, an important hormone for both men and women.


  • Pumpkin Seeds – Your second highest food for promoting healthy hormone production.


  • Black sesame seeds – These seeds are massive at boosting Jing, our hormones are called in Chinese medicine. It also helps with reversing gray hair back to its natural color and with arthritis pain. You can add these seeds to your salad or grind them into your smoothie for a really potent way to boost hormone function.


The great thing about these foods is they don’t take a week or two to for you to figure out what’s going on, but rather you will feel the effects pretty quickly. Taking care of your hormones is very important as they play a large role in the vitality you experience in your life. Pay a visit to your doctor and have your hormones checked so you know where you are at and where you need to be.

Figuring Out How Foods Affect You

These foods will provide positive changes in your hormones, even if your diet isn’t as clean as it could be. The key is to check in with your self 30 minutes before and after you eat. How do you feel before you ate and how do you feel after? This will help you feel what it is your foods are doing, as what you eat has a fast effect on how you think, what you think, and how you feel. Take into account how the food you eat effects your nervous system and any stomach issues you may have. Everyone is different and by understanding how these different foods make you feel can help you decide which foods work best for you.


If you liked the information provided here or have any questions, please let us know and the two of us will work together to answer them. Also, check out our Custom Meal Plans where we provide a nutrition program specifically designed for you. We make knowing what foods you need to be eating to stay healthy easy.