Weight Loss Transformation Success Stories (Six-Pack Finishers)


Lots of people have asked about the success of members in my Six-Pack Finishers membership program.

It began on January 20, and was limited to just 100 people (so that each member received personal attention).

Below are just a few genuine success stories from members of my first-ever online program – Six-Pack Finishers. The clients came from all over the world with various fitness and diet backgrounds.

The favorite part of my day is checking my inbox to find an email from a client who took action and transformed his or her body (you guys rock!). This is what I live for and why I started teaching.

I’m getting ready to open up the membership program again, and I have created a free series of videos. They will be taken down at the end of the week, so be sure to check them out.

“Your program has been a HUGE help”

Megan-Dougherty1Your program has been a HUGE help, feeling good about the progress I made! My diet is awesome, I always thought I ate good but I cut out my grains & some dairy (yogurt and cheese) and woohoo I feel great and not so bloated! Thanks so much for the program you put together you’re doing great things :)

Megan Dougherty

“After following this for a little over 40 days I have lost 25 lbs”

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of Six-Pack Finishers! This has been a life-changing experience for me!

Five years ago I started my journey towards a healthier life, after a so-called rude awakening. I came over a photograph from my holiday in Morocco. I had been riding camels in the desert, and I saw that I almost looked as big as the camel itself. Something had to be done, and so I started exercising more and eating healthier. It went really well, and then it stopped. No matter what I did, I didn’t lose any weight for a period of two years.

I started using instagram more for tips and motivation, and I discovered your IG’s. After everything I read, I got more and more curious- and it looked like a lifestyle I could follow, and the training looked fun. I tried some of the routines, and they were really hard, but manageable.

Then the Six-Pack Finishers was released, and I think I was one of the first to get it. And this was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I started noticing changes immediately. During the first week of training I lost 9 lbs. I think I triple-checked the scale because I couldn’t believe it. Two years of constant struggling was over!

The sad thing was, that I didn’t get to finish the training because of an injury, and I had to get an operation. But I stuck to the diet, and even without going the gym I have lost 25 lbs.

The mealplan included in this program has been a great inspiration, and I have experimented a lot on my own based on the knowledge I have received during this program. And when in doubt, I could just post a question, and I got an answer straight awayJ  Some of the exercises I had problems with, because I had an ACL-operation 6 months ago, and when I told you that, I got other things I could do instead. I think my biggest problem was to get a hold of some of the products, but that’s because we don’t have easy access to them here in Norway. But with a little effort I found out where I could get them.

After following this for a little over 40 days I have lost 25 lbs, and I can’t wait to start the trainingprogram all over again. And get to finish it. Because I know it works- after the first week of training, my friends started to notice that I had lost weight, and especially that my collar bone had been more defined. I just love that! And my veins on my arms have become more visible! By following the advice in sleeping pattern as well, I now have so much more energy during the day. I used to have really big issues with getting up in the morning, and I often missed my bus to work. Luckily we have flexible hours at work, so I didn’t get in trouble there.

The best thing is that since I had to cut training due to my injury, I still receive the back-up when I get back into it. Because that means so much to me- to know that I can just ask if I have problems, and when I write something to you, the positive answers I get makes me feel so proud of myself. I get the feeling that you genuinely care about how I’m doing- and I think you doJ

So thank you so much Michael- I can’t wait to see where this will end! But I know for sure that this lifestyle is here to stay, and that the old me is in the past. I like the new me so much better.

Best Regards,


“I’ve lost 22.5kg (50.4 lbs.) and approximately 9.2% of body fat”

11As a New Year resolution I’ve said to myself: enough is enough!

On the 31st of December 2013 I was very overweight, exact numbers are 154,5kg (346,08 lbs.) my highest weight ever – I used to be ashamed of them – now I am not. That day on Instagram I’ve started to follow Michael. Few days later he announced that a program called Six-Pack Finishers will be released for various people who have various and very different goals but all of them want to start eat healthy, live healthy and have that stunning 6pack – they just want to change their life’s.

Six-Pack Finishers helped me in various ways. First of all taught me that I can eat in a healthy manner and do not need to starve whole day – previously I used to do diets and had that horrible yo-yo effect.  People around me said that my skin is grayish. After implementing Michael’s tips my skin gained that proper healthy color.

Workouts in the Six Pack Finishers program are great, whole body is engaged which is absolutely smashing – very often you feel muscles you’ve never thought they exist. My fitness level, my strength and my overall condition improved drastically. I’ve never felt as good as now and what else I’ve learned with Six Pack Finishers is that I can still improve my health by setting up a smarter and achievable goals – this is a very important fact.

At the begging I couldn’t perform all the exercises. Michael can give you a substitute exercise for the one you can’t perform just now – be patient. For me perfect examples are two exercises: the Jump Crunch and the Burpee. When I’ve started Six-Pack Finisher I couldn’t do 1 Jump Crunch at all and more than 5 Burpees without stopping. After whole program I can do 20 Jump Crunches in a row and about 25 Burpees without stopping to take an unplanned break – I feel the power J

What about food? Well. The way I eat. The way I’ve changed my menu. Michael passed all this knowledge to us, to Six-Pack Finishers students. What I’ve done with it?  I’ve dropped all the full of sugar sodas and unhealthy fats. During Six-Pack Finishers I’ve learned how to eat, when to eat, how often and what is most important that healthy calories do not hurt you weight!

I used to buy large cloths and I used to be annoyed when wanted something nice but could not fit into it, for example shirt or trousers. After those 2 months all of my “old” cloths fits better, I feel more confident on day to day basis when talking to customers as my work involves face to face contact and I travel a lot between two countries – when being extremely overweight I was shy and tried to hide myself. I barely could fit into the airplane passenger seat, which is funny and pathetic at the same time. Yesterday I had to buy a new pair of jeans cause the old one ware just to wide and start to fell off – it is a great feeling.

I’m in one third of my journey. My weight is now 132kg (295,68 lbs.) so it is easy to count that thanks my commitment and mainly to Michael’s program, the way he can motivate, his smart tips and perfect advices I’ve lost 22,5kg (50,4 lbs.) and approximately 9,2% of body fat still having large healthy meals.

Now the process of loosing weight slows down – nothing to be worried about – it’s natural. My goal is to lose 4 to 5kg (11 lbs.) per moth until I will be able to start to pursuit another dream – that dream is a long-term wellbeing and stunning ABS – within next 18 months I will achieve that!!!

Remember to follow Michael’s guidelines, keep asking him about everything if you have doubts – he response to every question and request – he is taking a good care about his students. He is a Top Men!

The only person you can cheat is YOU. If you are committed and want to achieve that GOAL you’ve set, you WILL definitely succeed.

I feel great. I have better blood pressure and my heart rate went down, my sugar level went down as well and I do not have a shortness of breath anymore!

For me Six-Pack Finishers and knowledge I’ve gained here is a lifesaver. I wanted to avoid a heart attack, dubieties and all that bad things which can fall onto you when you are overweight, when you eat all that junk food.

What I can say and suggest to new students is, that if you want to change your life you can do it – with Six-Pack Finishers you can, so stop talking and Let’s Get Fit Together!

My new life is not a life on a diet! It’s a NEW LIFESTYLE! Think about your change in that way!

Ps. Excuse my English but it is my third language so some grammar and spelling mistakes can happen.

Ps2. I’ve share my photo from the day I’ve started my journey and now when I am on my journey to success – it’s not over yet J

Pozdrawiam / Regards


“I have lost approx. 6 lbs and feel healthier, stronger. I have more energy”

IMG_7495Six Pack Finishers is a great program, first and foremost because of our trainer. This is what drew me in compared to other online programs that were out there. Michael is there every step of the way, he truly wants to see each person succeed. He is very encouraging and responsive to your questions and needs.

Prior to coming to this program I had lost several pounds trying different things that I saw, read or some friend told me to try. I found myself at a plateau and no matter how hard I worked out, I wasn’t able to go any further until I signed up for Six Pack Finishers. The thing I really liked was the emphasis on nutrition; this was the ingredient I was missing. This program lays it out in layman’s terms.

As I listened to Michael teach about carbs, protein, and healthy fats it was like the light switch had been turned on and I was like it’s that simple? Wow, where has this been all my life. Along with the nutrition, the knowledge of working out properly, resting and different style of training have been invaluable to me. The workouts are tough, I’m not going to lie….lol, but worth it.

I’m 47 years young and I am in my 3rd week of the program. I have lost approx. 6 lbs and feel healthier, stronger. I have more energy. I am more flexible. This has been the best investment and I am seeing dividends but it takes a commitment to follow the program.

I would recommend this program to any one regardless of where you are on your fitness journey (beginning or at a plateau like I was). This information you get here will last you a life time. I’m in this for the long haul, come and join me!

Ron Gutierrez