Why You’re Wasting Your Time with Cardio


Hands up:

Are you stuck at the gym trying to figure what to do?

Maybe you’re not even a gym member at the moment – perhaps for the time being, taking that step is a little too intimidating?

Let’s face it – getting started with training can be pretty scary.

And a lot of that is due to the misconceptions and pre-conceived notions that are out there in the media.

So if you’re feeling frustrated, and disheartened before you’ve even started, this video will ease ALL of that, clear up fat loss confusion, and give you a guide on the (surprisingly simple) way you can go about beginning a routine.

While so many people are still on the cardio bandwagon, I am here to tell you if this is you, it’s time to jump ship.

That’s because cardio is simply NOT the most effective way to train for fat loss or body recomposition.

That’s not to say it’s entirely useless, and obviously, getting off your butt and starting to move is far better than sitting on the couch every night.

But aside from that, it’s really not the best way to get in great shape.

It’s certainly not the quickest way to the body of your dreams.

I believe that one type of cardio – metabolic conditioning, as I call it – does have a place in your program.

This is the case if you’re training for a cardio-focused event – say a marathon, triathlon, or you’re looking to improve your sport specific conditioning.

For example, you won’t to increase aerobic capacity so you can play basketball at a more optimal level.

Aside from that … not so much.

I currently do some aerobic work every week. I did this leading up to my recent photo shoot, in my journey where I went from 24% body fat down to 8%, and will continue to do a little cardio here and there, but it looks a lot different to the way most people to cardio – just sitting idly on a stationary bike or slogging away on a treadmill for an hour.

That kind of steady state cardio, where you simply go through the motions is doing you no good whatsoever.

In fact, it’s probably your #1 fat loss killer.

If your goal is weight loss and building a more sculpted body, weight training should be the foundation of your routine.

I know – people don’t want to suddenly grow huge muscles, but trust me on this one – proper weight training will not make you big and bulky.

Why Weight Training?

It’s simple:

Build more muscle, burn more fat.

You see, this is a little nifty trick I’ve learned over the years.

The more muscle you have, the harder your body has to work to keep it.

That means that every single second, of every single day, you’re burning more calories, and losing fat at a faster rate.

How do you do this?

Adopt an effective weight training protocol such as the one I present in the video above.

There are some basic guidelines you need >

  • Keep your sessions short and sharp!
    If you can train for longer than an hour, you’re not working hard enough. 30-40 minutes (and in some cases, just 20 minutes) will be ample.
  • Pair exercises back to back.
    An upper-body move, immediately followed by a lower-body or a core move works just great.
  • Keep your reps in the 10-12 range, for 3 sets per exercise.
  • Time your rest periods.
    And shoot for 60 seconds.
  • Rest is critical!
    You don’t have to train every day. And in fact, doing so is a BIG mistake. Try 1 day on, 1 day off.

I promise you this …

You will be AMAZED at how your results suddenly go to the next level by making weight training the focus of your program.

Not only will the results leave you grinning from ear to ear, but try this –

With your day on, day off, 40-minute session protocol, you’ll be spending no more than 2 to 3 hours in the gym per week.

Compare that to an hour a day of cardio, coupled with the faster fat loss, increased muscle tone and definition, and the fact your fitness levels will go through the roof, and you’ll soon become a lover of the iron.

“But Michael – I’m Still Confused!”

I hear you.

Even with the video and the article, weight training can still be a bit of a minefield if you’ve never tried it before.

You’re thinking –

“What’s better? Free-weights or machines?”

“Do I need to hire a trainer?”

“But what about calorie burn? Does 30 minutes of weights burn the same as 30 minutes of cardio?”

… And probably a lot more besides, right?

Well, I’m here to help.

As much as I tried to put as much into this blog and the video as I could, I do realize it’s not quite enough, and if you’re new to the weight training scene, you may need a little extra hand.

Heck, even more experienced trainers need something more personalized than a generic, cookie-cutter plan.

And that’s why, I’ve put together a world class Custom Training Program Service.

A custom training plan, designed for YOU, by ME.

It is 100% tailored to your goals, your needs and your current ability and experience level, and will get you your dream physique in record time.

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