3 Major Benefits Of Adding Constant Resistance Training To Your Workout


WallSitWhat is Constant Resistance Technology..?

The easiest way to define (CRT) is any time you use your own body weight as the source for your resistance, you are using constant resistance technology.

Push-ups, pull-ups, air squats, wall-sits, jumping jacks, and even stretching falls into this category.

Sometimes special apparatuses facilitate calisthenic exercise.  I bet you’ve heard of adjustable step-up platforms, inversion machines, pull-up bars, TRX suspension systems, even slant boards for situps.

Calisthenics are designed to improve a multitude things; endurance (cardiovascular or in a single muscle group), strength, and/or flexibility.

Even running is considered a calisthenic exercise because again you are using your own body weight.  If you want to increase the level of difficulty during calisthenics, simple add resistance with dumbbells and/or strength bands.

How do I know (CRT) works?

Aside from the fact that I use this type of training during every workout and have had amazing success…

Have you seen what Olympic athletes look like?

I am specifically referring to those that train in gymnastic rings.  These athletes are training with constant resistance technology each time they train.

The great thing about calisthenics or (CRT) training is you can increase the stress level in a number of ways.  For example, you can add weight, increase duration, and/or increase the number of reps.

Constant Resistance Technology can also be isometric, functional isometric, compound and compound aerobic exercises.  Furthermore, by examining the training sequence you can not only increase or decrease cardiovascular intensity, but also stress on the muscles.

Calisthenic exercises are nothing more than a special application of constant resistance technology.  It’s actually quite simple to understand. If your body weight is sufficiently heavy, it delivers overload to the muscles. In other words, calisthenics are just like constant resistance weight training.

The most important thing to remember about (CRT) and calisthenics is that if your muscles do not continually receive more stress than they are use to, you are not progressing and only maintaining.


By putting in to play the advice above, you’ll be able to keep your body guessing and therefore keep your body progressing. Varying speed, form, time, weight, sequence, and/or the number of reps and you could easily use (CRT) training to continually improve both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.