What to Expect When You Start Dropping Body Fat


Changing your lifestyle and beginning new eating habits can be hard work and it can be more difficult if you aren’t aware of all the changes your body is going through. Knowing what you should expect when dropping the fat can both help you be aware of the small changes and keep you motivated.

If you’re on our new Shred Fast meal plan, you’re probably wondering exactly what you can expect during your first 30 days.

Our new meal plans combine the benefits of intermittent fasting with the power of carb-cycling to boost your results quicker than you thought was previously possible. And unlike other diets out there, this is healthy and sustainable, teaching you healthy eating habits that you won’t bounce back to your old body.

With these plans, you can expect to see a lot of changes happening with your body, even during your first Shred Fast. As you make your way through your first plan, you’ll begin to see so many changes, but they may not all be the changes that would expect. Yes, you’ll start dropping body fat, but you will also begin to see many other changes, as well.

Be sure to keep an eye out for some of these changes so you can recognize just how much progress you are making.

This blog will show you…

  • What changes you will see as you begin to lose weight
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about what the scale says
  • Other ways to track your progress besides stepping on the scale


Loose Clothing – One of the first changes you’ll see in regards to your body is your belly, as you begin to notice your stomach shrinking and your clothes starting to become more and looser on you.

Less Bloating – When you change the way you eat, and what you eat by cutting out processed foods, your digestion will begin to improve. This will cause you to reduce bloating because your body isn’t become inflamed from all the damaging food you were probably eating before you started your Shred Fast.

More Energy – You will feel more energized on your high carb days because of the added carbohydrates you are providing your body. This gives you added energy to get to help you get tworkoutour work out and really boost your results.

Morning Clarity – Fasting has a profound effect on the mind, and as you fast, you can expect to feel more clear and focused in the morning.


When you’re on the Shred Fast and trying to lose fat, the last thing you want to depend on is the scale.

Often when people try to lose weight and lower their body fat, they become dependent on the scale to show change and let them know if they are successful. Keeping track of change is good, but not when you are reliant on a number.

Instead, track your changes by the ones you have seen in the mirror and the way you are feeling.

Health isn’t about what the scale is telling you, and the scale can’t accurately calculate the significant changes your body is going through.

So next time you go to step on the scale, take note of the changes you see within yourself first.


Rather than jumping on the scale to see your progress, there are many other ways for you to keep track of your results and see the real changes.

Take Photos

Because we see ourselves every day, it can be hard to notice just how much fat we are losing by just looking in the mirror day after day. Yes, you will see changes when you look in the mirror, but to really get the full effect take a photo of yourself from the front, side, and back. Do this when you start your Shred Fast meal plan. Then, repeat this process at the end.

When you take a photo before and after your meal plan, you can lay them side by side and really understand just how much your body has changed.

Keep a Journal

As you make your way through the meal plan keep a journal of how you are feeling. Write down how you feel in the morning, after you eat, and at night. This way you can compare notes day to day and see the small changes in your mood, energy, and clarity.

By the end of the Shred Fast, you should be seeing major differences in how you feel on the inside.
Remember, not all changes are physical, and health isn’t just about body fat. Health is also about feeling good and having a body that is functioning properly. If your body is unhealthy on the inside and you feel horrible all the time, the changes you see on the outside won’t matter.

As you clean up your diet, your body will begin to function better, and the results you see on the outside will be a reflection of what is going on inside. Your journal is also a great place to take note of the physical changes you begin to notice on the outside.

What is the first day you saw a different?

What is the first day you woke up and felt really good?

These are significant milestones that you should include in your journal throughout your journey. When losing weight and fighting fat the small milestones are just as important, if not more important, than your final goal. These will keep you motivated, moving forward, and get more results.