10 Super Snacks for Super Fat Loss

“Hey Michael, what’s the best thing I can snack on?” I get this question so much, you wouldn’t believe. It seems that snacking right for fat loss is one area people just can’t quite get their heads around. And that’s understandable. In today’s world of convenience foods, on-the-go eating, and

Why You Don’t Need to Waste Money Buying Organic?

Organic shopping, while the best way to buy produce, can be very expensive and hard to budget for. With growing concerns over pesticides and fertilizers and what they can do to your health, it seems right to consider organic no matter the price. However, sometimes at the going price of

Why Today Should Be The Last Day You Ever Count Calories

A calorie in, a calorie out, right? Well… not exactly. Let me explain why I think… Conventional wisdom has this backwards But first let’s agree on what conventional wisdom says about creating a caloric deficit in efforts to lose weight. It’s pretty simple, most personal trainers will tell you that

Why Low Calorie Diets Cause Weight Gain

You’ve been there. Following a plan that’s supposed to get you lean. You cut calories just about as low as you can handle, while battling with intense hunger, and severe cravings, yet for some reason, that fat that should be shifting – it’s going nowhere. And you feel desperate, disheartened,

What’s The Correct Daily Protein Intake For Sustained Fat Loss?

What’s The Correct Daily Protein Intake For Fat Loss? This is an evergreen question in the health and fitness industry. And it’s one of the most commonly asked question in any fitness forum. I want to provide you with my perspective. Firstly, protein is very important for weight loss. Protein

3 Major Benefits Of Adding Constant Resistance Training To Your Workout

What is Constant Resistance Technology..? The easiest way to define (CRT) is any time you use your own body weight as the source for your resistance, you are using constant resistance technology. Push-ups, pull-ups, air squats, wall-sits, jumping jacks, and even stretching falls into this category. Sometimes special apparatuses facilitate

Weight Loss Transformation Success Stories (Six-Pack Finishers)

Lots of people have asked about the success of members in my Six-Pack Finishers membership program. It began on January 20, and was limited to just 100 people (so that each member received personal attention). Below are just a few genuine success stories from members of my first-ever online program

Train Like a Monster – Chest Day with Cookie and Elmo

At Morellifit, holiday weekends don’t mean a holiday from health. Working out during the holiday, no matter what one it is, is a great way to stay on track. We love to have fun, so in the spirit of Halloween we bring you a monster of a work out with